Mystery Quilters October ’08

Here’s the show and tell from Mystery Quilters in October.

Rita completed a beautiful pottery quilt. It’s a tribute to another one of her many hobbies.

Rita's Pottery Quilt

Rita's Pottery Quilt

Pottery Quilt

Close up: Pottery Quilt

Rita also brought her completed “Jacob Goes to Omaha” quilt. It was designed by Mary Wilberg, the owner of Quilted Treasures in Rogers, Minnesota. It’s one of my favorite quilt shops.


Rita's Jacob Goes to Omaha

Jacob Goes to Omaha

Close up: Jacob Goes to Omaha

Cindy made a Halloween costume for her Grandson. Not quilting, but important!

It's Halloween

It's Halloween!

Carol made a great bag. It’s called Ashley’s Around Town Bag by Sherri Falls of This & That Designs.

Carol's Bag

Carol's Bag

Deb made a tesselation quilt. It’s a quilting math teacher’s delight!

Deb's Tesselation Quilt

Deb's Tesselation Quilt

Okay – this has nothing to do with the Mystery Quilters but I uploaded it by mistake so I’ll tell you about it. I belong to a book club at my school. All members are teachers. In October, we read WomanKind by Nancy Harless. The author, front and center, was kind enough to join our group for our discussion. We had a great time, and a bottle of wine didn’t hurt either. If you’re looking for a good read, check out this book.


I forgot my camera at the November meeting. Next month it’s potluck at Geri’s. Yippee!


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