Glad Creations Mystery 3/09

Twice a year Glad Creations holds mystery classes to introduce new patterns. There’s a group of us who go to most of them.  It’s really a lot of fun.

Directions for selecting and cutting fabric were sent out about a month in advance. Here’s the hints that they gave this time.  “For this Mystery Quilt you’ll need prints in a variety of colors and  a fairly broad range of values.  There is no background in this quilt so the prints will need to show up against each other.  Within each group you’ll want varying values, colors and/or textures.  . . . . No matter what type of prints you’re working with, select fabrics from 3 or 4 color families and then find prints in a variety of values in each of those color families.”

I started my fabric selection using the Urban Couture line designed by Grey Gardens for Moda.  I chose red, green, brown and periwinkle. Love the periwinkle.  It’s an unusual color and makes the red, green and brown pop.  Take a look at the beautiful range of prints in this collection from the Moda website.


Starting this morning, using three clues we made two types of blocks.  One was a 4 patch and half triangle block the other was a log cabin variation.  






Of course we had to take a break for lunch  We went to a great bar that served food.  It’s called Busters on 28th.  The most popular item was the turkey panini sandwich with black mission fig jam.  They also had an interesting beer list.  (but that’s another story.) I would recommend you try this place. Great food.

Late in the afternoon the mystery was revealed.  The quilt is beautiful.  Here’s Nancy and Susan’s versions.





Then some show and tell.










Finally, food and relaxing.





I can’t wait to go back tomorrow.


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