Quilting ADD

Disorganization, lack of focus, misplacing things, too many projects going at once.  Sounds like ADD to me.  

I decided it was time to tackle my demon, so I spent several hours this weekend cleaning out and organizing my sewing room.  

I filed all the loose patterns into my filing cabinets.  I started several 3 ring binders to keep track of my projects.  Those went on top of the file cabinets along with a basket of fabric scrap strips. 




I cleaned off my sewing table completely.  (Don’t know if that’s ever happened before.)  Then I bought some small plastic drawers to store things within easy access.  I used my labeler to make a label for each drawer so there’s some hope of keeping the table clean for more than a day.  






I moved a pegboard and hung tools on it for easy access.  




I also hung a couple small white boards on the wall to keep me on track.  




Now . . . . .  where did I put that mystery quilt I’ve been working on?




6 Responses to “Quilting ADD”

  1. Michaela Says:

    How neat and organized. I like the white boards to write down a list of stuff/projects to do.

  2. Jan Says:

    Thanks! I like the white boards too. Now I just have to be sure to use them.

  3. Cathy Says:

    Several hours?!?!

    My room is going to require several days! My poor sewing room was the dumping ground as we moved in. It was never painted, although I think I did get the carpet cleaned and vacuumed, but there are still some unopened/unpacked boxes over in the corner that are functioning as a table for some for my supplies. Oh well. My sister has offered to come and help me fix it up once we get a few days off together and Nana can watch my 3 year old! Then maybe I can have shelves! Ooooh!

    Your room looks great though. You did a very nice job. The peg board is a neat idea. I could hang all of my rulers off of something like that. No more searching for those under stuff. Are your white boards magnetic? That would be handy for leaving a list, coupons, or sample swatches up where you can grab them on the way out of the door.

    May your sewing space stay tidy!

    • Jan Says:

      I would take your sister up on her offer. Always nice to have help. Yes, the white boards are magnetic. So I can hang notes and pictures on them.

      Good luck,

  4. Bethany Says:

    I never thought of white boards..way cool! I should get a pegboard as well. If I could find room to hang it up.

    • Jan Says:

      I do love the white boards. I’m hanging a larger one up on a different wall too. More updates will be coming.

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