Block of the Month Give Away

In my continuing effort to clean and organize my sewing space, I’ve decided to give some things away.  To start, I have some blocks from a block of the month program called Quilted Treasure’s Flowers.

Six of the blocks are sewn together.  Size is 12″ finished.  Background color is white.  



I have four more packets of unfinished blocks.  Can’t guarantee that everything needed is there, but it looks likely to me.  




I can’t find any of the finishing info.  So this would be a creative endeavor for someone.

Here’s the deal.  I will give these away to someone:

     who will finish the blocks and sew them into a project reasonably soon.

     who will send me a photo of the finished project to post on my blog.

If you’re interested post a comment about what you might do with these treasured blocks.  Be sure to include your email address. I’ll randomly choose a winner next week.

Good luck,



5 Responses to “Block of the Month Give Away”

  1. Sue Cahill Says:

    Ooh, I rellay love those blocks and would lov ethe opportunity to finish up the uncompleted blocks. I’m constantly looking for ideas for Project Linus quilts. With your blocks I could quickly make a sweet quilt a young girl would love.

  2. berta Says:

    thanks for the opportunity to win the blocks…
    i would have to sit and stare at them for awhile then put them together .. i love the challenge…
    berta pauly in port angeles washington…

  3. Jo Anne Says:

    Very interesting blocks and lovely colors. Some narrow sashing and a simple border would turn these into a lovely lap quilt to chase away the evening chill.

  4. Marti Says:

    I would love these beautiful blocks to put together. I have two ideas for the finished quilt- one would be to donate it to the local cancer center. The other would be to give to my mom. I have made quilts for almost all of the members of my family, and have been looking for something special for my mom and this would fit the bill.

  5. wbotw39 Says:

    I’d be interested in finishing them, I have a couple of little girls that would love to have a new quilt. Thanks

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