Maple Grove Quilter’s Show

I headed over to Maple Grove Saturday to take a look at the Maple Grove Quilter’s Show.  

There were many wonderful quilts.  I’m posting my favorites for you.  Cllick on the labels to enlarge them and read the name of quilters.

The first is Stars and Kittens in My Mother’s Garden:





Flower Garden:  I especially liked the large pieces that showed off the fantastic floral prints.  The black is a perfect frame.





Sampler:  UFO quilt project, pattern from Keepsake Quilting.





Miniature Tumbling Blocks:





Folk Art Vine:






Tulips in the Park:  Love the black background, and there’s polka dots in every block!






I bought a chance to win this quilt, planned a wonderful spot to display it and everything, but never got a phone call.  Darn.  Hope the winner is loving it.



4 Responses to “Maple Grove Quilter’s Show”

  1. Patricia Says:

    What a great post. Thanks for including the labels as well — the names of course, and also the descriptions. I found them really fun to read!

  2. Terrie Sandelin Says:

    Oh, my gosh! This is just so exciting — I was scrolling through the blog and suddenly went, “Oh! Oh! That’s my pattern!” and then looked at the label and description and went, “It really is!” So, the pink and brown tumbler foundation was a pattern in my book Miniatures in Minutes. Should I be more sophisticated about this? Play it cool like I’m an old hand? Ummmm ….. Nah! This is the first time I’ve seen a photo that someone made a quilt from my book. And the quilt just came out so pretty, too! Made my day, this just did.

    • Jan Says:

      This is exciting for me too. When I saw this quilt for the first time, I fell in love with it. I went straight to Amazon and ordered your book. I haven’t tried making any quilts yet, but want to soon. I’m so happy you visited my blog. You made my day.

  3. Terrie Sandelin Says:

    Hi Jan,

    Thanks!! Let me suggest you visit my website. 1) You’ll find directions there for making a correction to the Pyramid Triangle template. 2) I am trying to post a new use for one of the foundations for the book at the beginning of each month — so there are some new patterns as well as project ideas on how to use minis.

    Let me know how your mini adventures go!

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