A Quilter’s Birthday Party

I got invited to a birthday party.  It was for one of my quilting friends, Cathy, for a very special birthday.  Her husband, Jim, arranged for all of us to attend a jewelry making class.  


It was held at The Studio at Rush Creek in Maple Grove, MN.  According to their website, it’s an art studio and coffee bar . . . . created to be a comfortable place where anyone, including beginners and hobbyists, can come in to experiment with different arts and crafts.  It’s a great space with friendly help.  

We got a brief introduction to dichroic glass and then had two hours to experiment and make pendants.  I think there were more options, but that’s all I concentrated on. 





Basically, you just cut colored dichroic glass and layer it into artistic designs.  Then you carefully place it into a kiln.  That’s the tricky part, since the pieces tend to slide around during the trip.  



There was a huge pile of scrap glass to choose from and a few other things to add like glass noodles, which is just like it sounds.  Thin pieces of glass that look like spaghetti.  



In the two hours, I was able to make 25 pieces.  Some of them were pure experiments. Just layered some scraps to see what surprises I could come up with.  (I’ll pick them up after they’ve been fired.)

After, we gathered on the soft seating for gifts and chatting.  Cake and ice cream too.




It was lots of fun.  Thanks Jim!  . . . . and happy birthday Cathy!


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