WOW June 09

WOW is short for Women of the West Quilt Guild.  I attended the meeting tonight and joined again after a lapse in membership.  

The guest speaker tonight was Pam Dinndorf, the designer of Aardvark Quilts – a Minnesota designer who works part time at Gruber’s Quilt Shop in St. Cloud.   She showed us many examples of the quilts she’s designed and included some stories of where the inspiration came from for them.

This was her first quilt and my personal favorite. It’s called Harlequin.



Naniboujou was inspired by a lodge in Northern Minnesota by the same name.  The design resembles the colors and pattern of the ceiling in the great hall/dining room.




Vernal Equinox – Pam’s colors of spring.




Borealis II – love it.  It reminded me of a rain forest.




Pam Dinndorf holding Baby Squares Squared.




Visit Aardvark Quilts online to take a look at more of Pam’s simple but beautiful designs.

Number 5..6..7… ,  5..6..7.. , 5..6..7..  “567”  Aaaaaah!  I won!  Sorry Sue, for yelling in your ear.  Here’s my door prize.


Wow!  I had a fun night.


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