My Birthday Giveaway

IMG_3092It’s my birthday.  July 11 —- 7,11 —— my happy lucky day.  I’ve had a fabulous time celebrating since Thursday and it’s not over yet.

On Thursday I had a fun outing day with my friend Geri.  I went to several of my favorite quilt shops.  First was Four Seasons in Plymouth which is close to my house.  That can be good or bad depending on how you look at it.  They had a fabulous selection of clearance fabric.  Found many pieces I wanted, but controlled myself and only bought three.  Geri found the cutest watermelon fabric to make a runner.  We also spent some time examining the Moda Mystery quilt, since we are ready to finish one ourselves.  Even though this one was traditional, I think it will give us some insight on picking fabric to finish our Kaffe Fasset ones.

Then it was off to Glad Creations in Minneapolis.  I love this shop in an old home setting.  It’s always nice to visit with the friendly people there.

We had lunch at Turtle Bread and then just had to go next door to the Pumphouse Creamery for fabulous ice cream.  All of the ice cream there is made on site with organic milk from Wisconsin.  She also uses local ingredients as much as possible.  Yum!  It’s my favorite ice cream shop in the Twin Cities.

Friday I spent with my friend Mary.  We headed over to St. Paul and had lunch on the deck at Muffalettas.  I had a pork burger and Mary had a hamburger.  All their meat is pastured meat from local farms.  So I felt a little less guilty eating it.  Being there reminded me of a quilt shop that used to be in the neighborhood called the Country Peddler.  I sure do miss that place.

That night our couple friends came over for a grilled pizza at our house.  I had never made them before so followed some recipes I found in American Pie: My search for the perfect pizza by Peter Reinhart.  They turned out to be really good.  My friend Cindy and I were both celebrating birthdays.  Her’s is July 9 and mine July 11, so how perfect to celebrate on the day between them.





Yesterday, my actual birthday, was wonderful.  I went down to Lake Nikomos to take photos of my son Tim who finished the Lifetime Triathalon.



 Then lunch with my sister Jean.  



Enjoyed the afternoon outside in beautiful weather.  Then took a long walk with my husband along the Mississippi River.  We stopped for a light dinner at the Nicollet Island Inn and then headed over to Maple Grove for fireworks.  





Today I’m celebrating with my kids and their spouses.  We’re going to the Dragon Boat races and then for dinner.  My birthday seems to involve a lot of food.  

That’s a run down of my birthday “week” or as my daughter-in-law says we should call it our birthday “month.”  Anyway, I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family in my life.  I decided to do a little giveaway for my birthday.  A birthday present from me to you.

I’m giving away a package of charm squares.  It’s Collections for a Cause from Moda. There are 40 squares in the package.  



To be eligible to win, post a comment here on how you celebrate your birthday or what birthdays mean to you or  a birthday wish or any other birthday related thing.  I will choose the one I find most interesting or creative.  That person will be the winner.

Here’s wishing you a birthday as happy as mine!


14 Responses to “My Birthday Giveaway”

  1. Anita Says:

    Happy Birthday…sounds like you had a wonderful time with friends and family. Since my husband and I moved to Florida…we don’t really do too much on our birthdays…usually a quiet meal at Iguana Mia’s…they give the birthday person’s meal free and take a picture in a sombereo! Glad you have many friends and family around you on your special day…or should I say DAYS! Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  2. Jenny Says:

    Happy birthday to you. I also just celebrated a birthday on the 9th!! I celebrated by going to the hospital where my children were born and handed out books to babies in the NICU and other various spots in the hospital…emergency room etc. I recently joined this organization called Kate’s Kart which does this book gifting. My children were both in NICU at birth and when I heard of this service it is something I wanted to try and make time for. My first visit was on my birthday! We are celebrating this afternoon at my dads with a cookout, my sisters and their families as well. how sweet it is!
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    krousegirl2 at aol dot com

  3. Anya Says:

    Happy Birthday! July 11th is a great day for a birthday — my son just celebrated his 17th. He is away at a summer college program and this is the first birthday that his dad and I have not spent with him. We did get to visit for a couple of hours today, however!
    Thanks for the chance for the generous giveaway!

  4. Jocelyn Says:

    Happy happy birthday. We just celebrated my father in love’s 90th birthday yesterday too!!! I wrote about it on my blog, so that would be my submission for your giveaway. Please check

    Thanks for being generous on your birthday!

  5. SewCalGal Says:

    Birthdays are sew special. I do hope you have a wonderful birthday, that doesn’t just last one day to celebrate! My theory is that if someone gets an entire year to celebrate turning 100, a birthday really needs to be celebrated over a “birthday window” for more time to enjoy and celebrate.

    Your moda fabrics are beautiful. I’m sure whom ever wins will enjoy them. I know I would.


  6. Jessica Christensen Says:

    My birthday is the 12th, so happy birth-month to us all! In our house we like to open our presents first thing in the morning. The night before, I decorate the birthday boy/girl’s door — streamers and ribbons hanging down. Then when they come out, there is their pile of gifts. Later, of course, they get to have the birthday dinner of their choice and a schmancy cake (also of their choice). I look forward to that day when I don’t have to make my own birthday cake (sour cream pound cake for strawberry shortcake — mmmm!)

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  7. barbara Says:

    I’m not sure that mine is creative, but every year I travel back to my parents home and we have dinner at the Canton. It’s a small, 15 table chineese place in the city near where my parents live. We have done it for as long as I can remember, I will have to find a new place this year as the elder couple who have been keeping it open are not longer able to do that.

    Why is it so important? It’s a tradition, and it’s also the place where I found out that my goddaughter was born, on the little pay phone in the entrance, from my grams, it was my 16th brithday! After dinner we travlled the 15 blocks to the hospital to welcome Allison to the world.

  8. Carol R Says:

    The only birthday that stands out in my mind is my 36th birthday. I sent flowers and candy to my Mom and Dad with a card thanking them for that day 36 years before. My Dad called me bawling like a baby. Mom and Dad are both gone now, but every year on my birthday, I whisper a prayer of thanks to them for another year.

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.

  9. melanie Says:

    wow! what a fabulous birthday celebration – or string of celebrations! I think that sounds like a perfect way to spend a birthday.
    I think my ideal birthday is a day doing something nice with my daughter, and whichever of her children isn’t at school or kinder, a nice lunch, and then a lovely dinner with my hubby.
    The weekend before my birthday we usually have a get together with my parents and my sister and her family, and any of my brothers who can be there, since it’s my dad’s and my youngest brothers birthday 6 days before mine. It seems like I have a week of celebrations, and it’s lovely.
    If I’m really doing well I’ll also have lunch with friends on the weekend too.

  10. Lisa Otis Says:

    Well I have a birthday memory to share.
    When I was a teenager, I was the oldest of 8 children at home. We did not have a dishwasher and washing dishes was the worst chore for me!
    My 15th birthday was coming up and my parents asked me what I wanted.
    My instant reply, “A DISHWASHER!!”
    They looked stunned and a little confused. Then they both began to laugh thinking I was kidding.
    “I’m not kidding, really, I want a dishwasher!”
    So guess what I ended up getting for my 15th birthday?
    You got it!! A lovely, brand-spankin-new dishwasher!!
    I think that is my most memorable birthday gift ever!!

    Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your birthday celebration giveaway! I hope I win!!

  11. Mary on Lake Pulaski Says:

    Happy Birthday!! I celebrate my birthday by counting my blessings of how many years I have had since I was diagnosed with breast cancer – it’s been 22! So far!

  12. Barbara Says:

    Happy Birthday, mine will be on the 23rd this year (okay actually every July 23rd…but we don’t need to count them all, do we?!?!).
    I have always jointly celebrated my birthday with other July babies. When I was young it was my two best friends (and a pool party). Now we celebrate my and my brother-in-laws birthday with a big BBQ with both of our families. It is one of the few times each year when we get both sides of the family together, so it is very special to me.

    Thanks for the great birthday giveaway –

  13. Victoria Says:

    Aren’t summer birthdays grand?!! Mine is in August. We usually celebrate with a quiet dinner out and maybe a movie. My children are grown and I always look forward to their birthday phone calls. I’ve kind of taken birthdays for granted until this year. My sister was recently diagnosed with a cancer that has a very low survival rate. In the midst of her treatments we celebrated her birthday by just being together, reminiscing, sharing stories, laughing and enjoying life. Thankfully, recent post treatment tests show no cancer as of now, so we are hopeful for the future. I will never take birthdays for granted again.

  14. margaret Says:

    hope your b-day was a great one! thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.

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