BOM Homework’s Done

What, homework?  . . . . It’s not fair. . . . .. I don’t have time. . . . . . .. Do we have to?

Whenever my fourth grade students whine about homework, I tell them to just do it and get it over with.  So, I decided to take my own advice and catch up on my Roger’s BOM homework.

Join blocks for Row 1, placing sashing between blocks 

Piece 3 sashing rows

Cut inner border and join

Join blocks for Row 2

Join Rows 1 & 2  (Half done!)

Cut outer border and join to make one long strip

Join blocks o make Row 3

Add Row 3 to top half of quilt



First three rows with sashing.



Block 10, extra sashing, and border.


It’s going to be so exciting to actually have a finished quilt made from my BOMs. Don’t think that’s happened yet.  I love this concept.

It feels good to be caught up.  I guess it’s never too late.  I’ll have to give myself a grade of “improvement shown.”





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