Doll Quilt Swap 7

I found this Doll Quilt Swap online and decided to participate. Here were the guidelines It was fun deciding what to make my buddy and then really fun to receive my quilt in the mail.

Swap Guidelines

You must be an active Flickr member (with favorites!) to participate.

SIZE: from 12″x12″ to 24″x24″…any size or shape in between. Rectangles are cool, too.

MATERIALS: natural fibers/cotton, wool, linen

CONSTRUCTION: Pieced, appliquéd, wholecloth, or yo-yos; quilted by hand or machine; and bound.

LABEL: It is recommended that you attach a label to the back of your quilt. I know, this can be a bit scary for some people though, so I will not make it a requirement. A label is however a very nice addition to any handmade quilt. Whether or not you decide to label your quilt, please do include a note with your quilt with your name and contact information (URL, blog, email address, etc. so that they can thank you).

SECRET: This will remain a secret swap. Your partner will not know your identity. If you need to get in contact with your partner do so through your swap parent.

DUE DATE: The deadline for all quilts to be mailed is SEPT. 7 (int’l), and SEPT 15 for those sending nationally . I like to plan on sending mine a week early…just in case life gets in the way and I’m delayed. There is nothing more disappointing than not receiving a package. Also, please email me to let your swap parent when you have mailed your quilt. Delivery confirmation is required, within the U.S.

COMMUNICATION: If for any reason you cannot met the deadline or you need to drop out of this swap, please let me know as soon as you know. If you communicate any setbacks with me I can make sure things work out favorably for your partner, no hard feelings.

I sent a cute little quilt to Monique.  I scouted out her blog, Only Doll Quilts, to get an idea of what would “turn her crank.”  I think I did well, because she said she loved it.  Take a look at her post about it.
Here’s the quilt I sent to Monique:
And here’s the quilt I received from Donna Weible.

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