WISQ November 2009

Our meeting was at Claudia’s.  Here’s our show and tell:

Claudia finished her fabulous paper-pieced quilt. It’a absolutely beautiful.

Claudia's Fabulour Paper=pieced Quilt

Here’s the back.  The quilting really showed up with the contrast in color although it’s a little hard to see on the photo.

This beauty if by one of Claudia’s applique buddies, Ruth.

Ruth also brought this red and green beauty to share.  It’s my favorite color combination.  Someday I’m making one of my own, but not appliqued.

Red and green close up:

This was knit (if I remember right) on a circular needle.

Cindy’s bevy of bags (held by Sue).

Mary’s T shirt quilt:

Another special guest:


2 Responses to “WISQ November 2009”

  1. Keisha Says:

    I love looking at all your show and tell pictures! Did you make the funky red, black and white bag? (I know how you like using those colors). That’s an interesting pattern. I’ve turned a bit into a “bag lady” like Adele!

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