Mystery Quilters’ Christmas Party

Geri was gracious enough to host us for our annual Christmas party again this year.  We had a great meal with everyone contributing to the potluck.

We had lots of conversation, as always, and show and tell.  We had to have show and tell.

Bonnie made this holiday runner.  Click on the photo to see the cute snowman hats in the small sections.

Here’s a mini version made by Deb.

Deb also made quilts for her coworker this year.  Snowboarding, hockey, up north/hunting and shoes.  Very nice.  Can I be your coworker, Deb?

Here’s Geri’s version of Ramblin Rose.

And now a drumroll please.  Revealing for the first time ever, and remember you saw it here first, the best shower curtain in the state of MN.  Maybe even the US, who knows?  It’s Geri’s version using Terry Atkinson’s pattern Snapshot.

I had a great time.  Thanks to all my mystery friends.  And special thanks to Geri for being the hostest with the mostest (again).


2 Responses to “Mystery Quilters’ Christmas Party”

  1. Karen Kutzner Says:

    I bet to differ – my shower curtain is at least a tie. Mine has applique.

    Karen Kutzner

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