Kate’s Christmas Runner

I finished a Christmas runner for my daughter-in-law.  I’m giving it to her tomorrow and I hope she loves it.

It’s made with Moda’s Merry and Bright fabric with a pattern from Terry Atkinson.  It’s Ribbon Stars Runner from the book Lessons from Mama.  I especially love the ribbon candy fabric that you can see on this close up.

I want to make one for myself, so happily, I found some of this fabric at the Blue Bamboo.  Everything except the ribbon candy.  Then today, luck of all luck, I found the ribbon candy and some more at Glad Creations on the half price rack.  Woohoo.

#1 UFO done.

Happy New Year,


4 Responses to “Kate’s Christmas Runner”

  1. Jocelyn Says:

    Wow what a beautiful table runner. Which pattern was it?? I’d love to make it for next year!

  2. Chris Says:

    It’s beautiful. The ribbon candy is the perfect touch!

  3. Cindy Kopacz Says:

    I love this table runner!
    I am going to be on the watch for that ribbon candy fabric.
    Hope all is well. cindy

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