Shower Curtain Throw Down

Recently, I proclaimed my friend Geri’s quilted shower curtain the best in MN or possibly the US.

Her title has been challenged.

Another friend, Karen,  has a beautiful quilted shower curtain also.  In her own words, I beg to differ – my shower curtain is at least a tie. Mine has applique.

Here’s the applique!

I love them both.  How’s that for diplomacy?

I’m declaring a shower curtain throw down (Bobby Flay, where are you?)  Who out there wants to join the shower curtain challenge?  Send me your photos for us all to enjoy.


5 Responses to “Shower Curtain Throw Down”

  1. Renee Says:

    I agree, both are very elegant and beautiful.

    I have always wanted to make one, but not sure how you would line the inside part? What do you use? I am afraid it would also get to heavy if wet, and would pull the rod down. Then again everything pulls the rod down in my bathroom, laugh.


    • Karen Kutzner Says:

      I just used a plain muslin for the backing – this is in a bathroom that is a guest bathroom – not used a lot – but have a clear shower curtain behind the pieced one.

      Karen (the applique shower curtain is mine)

  2. Judy Says:

    I think they are both great! I have always wanted to do something like that for my shower but never have.

  3. Cindy Kopacz Says:

    Hello everyone,

    Florida is good. But I am getting lonesone.
    I know that you all do not want to hear how cool it was in Florida this winter. I love going to the beach and that is finally happening. Usually we can go even if it is only 65, but the winds were so bad.
    Looking forward to seeing everyone. Love looking at all the picture on your blog.
    Hey did Katie have her baby yet?

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