Runner Fun

My friend, Kari, came over this past week.  We quilted a couple of her runners on the longarm.  We started out at Caribou, yup, our usual school year hangout.  (Kari and I teach together.)  Then back to my house to quilt.  She used the same backing for both quilts.  So we started by pinning the backing onto the machine.  Then pinned the battings and tops onto it.  Then we took turns quilting.

On the one with red stripes, we decided to quilt each section differently.  On the sections with stars we meandered and on the striped section we did a loop and star.  I really liked how it looked and it was fun and fast.

On the second runner we decided on an angular kind of meandering.  We used a pantograph pattern.

These were gifts for her daughter’s soccer coaches.  She had all the girls on the team sign the back of the quilt.

See the names along the edge in gold marker?  What a great idea.  I’d like a gift like that.


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