Three-in-One Patriot Runner Tah Dah

My friend Kari pieced three identical patriotic runners.  Two are for gifts and one is for her.  She brought them over today and we put them on Maxine (my Milli) to get them quilted.

We used a large piece of backing fabric for all of them and were able to put them on the longarm side by side.

Then we meandered, with an occasional star, all across the three of them like they were one quilt.  I haven’t done much freehand quilting on my machine so I was nervous, but it turned out to be fun. Even Kari gave it a try.

Here’s the front.  The quilting is a little hard to see since the thread blends in.

Here’s the back.  Since it’s solid the quilting shows up nicely.  We chose a variegated blue thread which I think turned out really nice. The photo’s a little off so it doesn’t really do it justice. . . .  I love the stars we added.

Of course we had to celebrate a little with lunch afterward.  Quilting, friends and food; the perfect combo.



2 Responses to “Three-in-One Patriot Runner Tah Dah”

  1. Jen Says:

    I used that white background fabric on a quilt that I made!

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