The 12 Days of Christmas in July

Santa in a swimsuit?  Mistletoe hanging over the deck?  Jingle bells in your wind chime?   Sure, why not?  It’s Christmas in July.

For inspiration I’ve decided to post 12 Christmas quilting ideas for 12 days in July.  Maybe this way I won’t be finishing gifts on Christmas Eve morning.

On the first day of Christmas in July, my true love of quilting brought to me:

Countdown to Christmas by Sweetwater for Moda. Here’s the designer’s inspiration for the line:

One of my favorite memories of the holidays was the annual advent calendar that my sister, brother and I shared every year. My mom always got it at the Hallmark store and behind each of the 25 doors was a piece of not so delicious, slightly old chocolate. It didn’t matter how it tasted. I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world every third day in December when it was my turn to open the door.
That memory was the inspiration of our newest collection, “Countdown to Christmas”. The collection is traditional colors of red, green, ivory and black mixed with numbers, words, stripes and dots. There are a few more whimsical pieces, such as the reindeer print which will make anyone smile. Although it is a “Christmas” collection, many pieces will work in any season. We have already combined several of these pieces with our other collections and love the possibilities.

I especially love the piece with all the names of the reindeer and the “dottie” type fabrics .Check out all the possibilities:


There’s also a great free pattern from the Moda Bake Shop.

What would you make with this line?  Be sure to send us photos of actual projects you do.  We love inspiration.

Ho, ho, ho,


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