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Minnesota Quilt Show

June 15, 2013


June is here.  It’s that time of year for sunshine, gardening, outdoor dining, . . . well not quite yet in Minnesota.  Sadly, we’ve had no spring and summer is slow to come.  But one thing we can always count on is the Minnesota Quilt Show.  It’s held during the second week of June, which is very convenient for those of us who are in education — or those of us who are retired (I won’t say any names you lucky ones).


This year the show is being held in Duluth, our favorite location.  We all headed up on Wednesday to spend some time on the shores of Lake Superior.  The first thing we did when we arrived was to eat of course.  We headed to the Duluth Grill (on Guy’s Triple D list).  Let me tell you, it did not disappoint.  The four of us each ordered a different entree and shared: pasty (a Northern MN favorite), ratatouille, fish tacos and smoked salmon salad.  OMG – top mine off with slightly sweetened raspberry iced tea and it was Nirvana.  If you take a look at our photo, you’ll discover our little secret.  We all bought the Duluth Grill Cookbook.  Those of you who know me know that I really needed a cookbook!!  Hmm, I think I’ll be making a bunch of pasties soon.


We stayed at the Suites Hotel at Waterfront Plaza.  I know, the outside of the building looks a little scary, but wow was our room great.  We had a complete apartment – two bedrooms, two baths, a main room with a fireplace, full kitchen and dining space, and a whirlpool.  We were over the moon when we saw it.  This place used to be a hardware warehouse but now is totally renovated into a beautiful hotel.

After having our wine and shopping a bit, we spent Wednesday night watching season one of Downton Abbey.  After episode four we all retired while visions of quilts danced in our heads.  More tomorrow on the Show itself.  But here’s a preview.  This was one of my favorite quilts:



Stay tuned,


Quilt Geek

January 20, 2012

I downloaded a quilting app for my iPhone.  It’s called QuiltCalc.  I gave it a quick try, but I’m anxious to use it more.  There are options to figure yardage of backing, binding, borders.  You can also enter the size of a piece and how many required and figure out how much fabric you need.  How fun is that?

Siri find iTunes.

Now if I could only get Siri to cut out my quilts.


Quilts and Math

January 18, 2012

Like quilting?  Like math?  Me too.

Tessellations . . .

hexagons, Pythagorean Theorem,  fractals and more.

I found this article fascinating.

Math phobic??  That’s okay.  You can enjoy the photos.

Quilt Retreat Here I Come

August 1, 2011


I’m jumping for joy.  Heading out this morning to Bridge Creek Cottage in Augusta,     Wisconsin.  It’s our WISQ and friends annual quilt retreat.

In just hours I’ll be at this place sewing myself into quilting bliss.


The Second Day of Christmas in July

July 21, 2011

On the second day of Christmas my love of quilting gave to me, a free tree skirt pattern.

Stars All Around Tree Skirt

This is a free pattern from EZ quilt and was designed by Darlene Zimmerman. The skirt has a large central star with smaller stars around it.  It only requires two fabrics, although it could  be made scrappy as well.

I found a variation made by Jo of Jo’s Country Junction.  Check it out on her blog.  Nice work Jo.

♪♫ Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree . . .  ♪♫

July Quilted Table Runner

July 17, 2011

Red, white and blue . . . and polka dots too.

I used a fabric line from Timeless Treasures called American Valor.  The pattern is from Pieced Tree.

The only thing I would do differently next time is float the stars.  It was really hard matching those star points.

Now to get it quilted and bound.

I love it.  It’s so me.

Famous Quilters

April 2, 2011

Who’re the famous quilters?  Me!  and my quilt sister, Adele.  Our show and tell at Quilted Treasures in Rogers was posted on Mary’s Pieces of Work blog.

Adele’s quilt was the Block of the Month quilt from Quilted Treasures called Spin City.  I have one of those too, but it’s not finished yet.

My quilt was called Lazy Day Throw, designed by Mary of Quilted Treasures.  It was made using the French General fabric line.

BTW, the pumpkin bar recipe on the same post are fabulous.  I made a pan to take to work a few weeks ago and they got rave reviews.

Try them.  You’ll like them.

National Quilt Day: Free Pattern

March 19, 2011

Celebrate quilters!  Today is National Quilting Day.

Read about the history of this day from the National Quilting Association.   And here’s a free pattern they’ve provided for the occasion called Build Your Own Log Cabin.

2011 NQD Pattern

How are you celebrating?

Glad Creations Mystery Weekend

March 9, 2011

I attended the 47th Glad Mystery weekend just a few days ago.  I unfortunately have not been to all 47.  This was only my eighth.

Susan and Nancy at Glad Creations have been designing these quilts for a long time.  They have a real knack for pulling together a beautiful quilt with pieced borders.  That is my favorite part of their quilts.  No long solid borders.  More piecing but a very nice finished look, in my opinion.

I am sworn to secrecy until June sometime since that’s when the mystery by mail (same design we did this weekend)  will be revealed.  I can give you a little preview however.  Here’s one stack of my fabric so you can see the color combination I chose.

I love this quilt.  Well, I’ll really love it when it’s done.  I just have to keep at it.

Free Quilt Radio Shows

January 25, 2011

Terry Atkinson is one of my favorite designers.  Her quilts are simple but beautiful.    Who among us hasn’t made several Yellow Brick Road quilts?  And . . . she’s from Minnesota.

I checked out her blog today and found out that she was recently interviewed on Pat Sloan’s Radio Show.   Darn, I missed it.  But good news.  The show can be accessed as a podcast on iTunes.  Check it out:

Pat Sloan’s Creative Talk Radio

Looks like there’s some other interesting shows too.