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Joanne’s Quilt on the Machine

April 1, 2012

I’m using a panto called Plumage:

Hope to finish it this weekend,


The Fifth Day of Christmas in July

July 24, 2011

On the fifth day of Christmas in July, my love of quilting brought to me:


This is another Moda fabric collection designed by Sentimental Studios.  I always love a little black in my Christmas fabric and that’s what I like most about this line.

A quick search didn’t produce any projects today.  What would you make out of this?

I’m heading up to the North Shore of Lake Superior today, my favorite summer destination.    I’ll be doing a little mini shop hop, so I’ll post my treasures when I get back.

Baby Makes Three

April 3, 2010

My son-in-law’s brother had a baby recently.  It’s a boy.  I made Maxwell this quilt using the Teacher’s Pet pattern called Take Three.

I love the three main fabrics in this quilt.  Polka dots are my all time favorites and an alphabet print which is a teacher’s favorite.  How could I resist?

I used a gift I received from my friend Deb when I was making this quilt.  She made row markers using safety pins and number beads.  They worked perfectly.  Thanks Deb.

Now I just have to sew a green striped bias binding on.  Love striped binding.

There’s minkee on the back.  I hope Maxwell likes it.


March 8, 2010

The paperwhites I planted are blooming.  Can anyone say spring?


Sew In Day

January 5, 2010

Over Christmas vacation I had a sew-in day with friends.  Lots of fun!

Geri- Missing Anything?

Rita's "I Hate Green" Quilt

Deb Pressing in the Light

Jan Cutting BOM

Jan's Happy Quilt

Deb's Circle Quilt Beginning

Doll Quilt Swap 7

October 25, 2009

I found this Doll Quilt Swap online and decided to participate. Here were the guidelines It was fun deciding what to make my buddy and then really fun to receive my quilt in the mail.

Swap Guidelines

You must be an active Flickr member (with favorites!) to participate.

SIZE: from 12″x12″ to 24″x24″…any size or shape in between. Rectangles are cool, too.

MATERIALS: natural fibers/cotton, wool, linen

CONSTRUCTION: Pieced, appliquéd, wholecloth, or yo-yos; quilted by hand or machine; and bound.

LABEL: It is recommended that you attach a label to the back of your quilt. I know, this can be a bit scary for some people though, so I will not make it a requirement. A label is however a very nice addition to any handmade quilt. Whether or not you decide to label your quilt, please do include a note with your quilt with your name and contact information (URL, blog, email address, etc. so that they can thank you).

SECRET: This will remain a secret swap. Your partner will not know your identity. If you need to get in contact with your partner do so through your swap parent.

DUE DATE: The deadline for all quilts to be mailed is SEPT. 7 (int’l), and SEPT 15 for those sending nationally . I like to plan on sending mine a week early…just in case life gets in the way and I’m delayed. There is nothing more disappointing than not receiving a package. Also, please email me to let your swap parent when you have mailed your quilt. Delivery confirmation is required, within the U.S.

COMMUNICATION: If for any reason you cannot met the deadline or you need to drop out of this swap, please let me know as soon as you know. If you communicate any setbacks with me I can make sure things work out favorably for your partner, no hard feelings.

I sent a cute little quilt to Monique.  I scouted out her blog, Only Doll Quilts, to get an idea of what would “turn her crank.”  I think I did well, because she said she loved it.  Take a look at her post about it.
Here’s the quilt I sent to Monique:
And here’s the quilt I received from Donna Weible.

My Lucky Day

August 1, 2009

I visited Four Seasons Quilt Shop today since they are having a “one shop” shop hop and I wanted to check it out.  I’m heading to quilt retreat on Monday and needed some fat quarters to make a cute little bag.  I picked three from Moda’s Beach House line by Blackbird Designs.





imagesWith each purchase, you get to pull a button from a bag to get a discount of 15%, 20%, or 25%.  I reached in and pulled out a red button and — yeah — I got a 25% discount.


It was my lucky, red-button day.

WISQ June 2009

June 10, 2009

Our June meeting was at Adele’s house.  It’s always enjoyable to sit in Adele’s living room and enjoy her beautiful backyard.  We were visited by a pair of deer.  How lovely.

We had show and tell but not nearly as much as usual.  I guess we (especially me) whimped out a little this month.


Oh la la – Cindy’s Genuine Italian bag.



Cindy’s knitting Canadian hats.



Claudia’s Bag – how cute!



Mary Beth’s Quilt



Mary Beth’s Glad Mystery



Mary’s Little Women’s Quilt



Karen’s Grandson’s Quilt



. . . and a cute back.



Karen’s Quilt . . .



. . . and a close up.



Cathy’s Scrap Quilt



Bacon and Egg Backing



Cindy’s Son’s Quilt



Cindy’s Quilt



Cindy’s Block of the Month Sampler



Cindy’s Baby Quilt



Adele’s Little Women Quilt



Good one, Mary Beth.



Adele, the bag lady, and hostess with the mostest.



Next month, my house.

The Winner is . . . . .

June 10, 2009

I did a random drawing the old fashioned way.  Wrote 1 through 5 on pieces of paper and drew one.  Numbers were assigned to comments in the order they were posted from oldest to newest.

The winner is . . . . .


(Listed as wbotw39)

Her winning comment:

I’d be interested in finishing them, I have a couple of little girls that would love to have a new quilt. Thanks.

I’ll be contacting her and sending her blocks on their way.

Found Treasure

April 18, 2009

There are definite advantages to cleaning up your sewing space . . . more working space, calm and peace, and room for creativity.  But one I hadn’t thought about before was finding treasure.  In my decluttering process, I’m finding things that I put away and promptly forgot about.  Or maybe couldn’t find because I put it away “too good.”

Here’s some of my recent found treasures. 

A whole stack of polka dot fabric:



Some pantograph patterns I purchased in anticipation of getting a long arm:





A small quilt that I made with my daughter and never finished:



A stack of fats:





My studio redo continues.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress.